Friday, 4 February 2011


These are some colour trials for the barbarians. Dacian noblewarrior, warrior and Ancient German warrior. The Dacian retuled sets are fantastic. The falx is scary.


  1. !!!WOW!!! You should be given the strelets sets by strelets to paint up so they can use the pictures as advertising....I hardly recognised them ...wonderfull.

  2. Einar,

    Fantastic work! The way that you've brought out the fur, flesh and hair are amazing.

    If I could make one small suggestion, and it is only a small thing, have you thought about giving the Dacians shield colours other than red? At first glance, before enlarging the photo, I thought they might have been Roman Auxiliary troops because of the red shields.

    Just a thought, keep up the amazing work,


  3. Thank you for your comments. I find Strelets 1/72nd figures very similar to 28mm miniatures and I´m trying to use the same painting style. I Think that it works for wargamers.

    Thank you Nick, I will use several colours for the shields, I thought the same thing when I finished the first Dacian (the one with the oval shield), "he seems a Roman Auxliary soldier" and with the Roman Testudo in the background that idea is in my mind still. But I have painted only two, I will change the colour for the next ;)